Home really is where the heart is

In a new review of home care services in England the need to provide supportive and informative care to people who do not wish to spend the rest of their lives in a care home is clearly laid out.  Where the Heart is…… reviews all types of care provided and  their effectiveness in meeting the needs of a growing population of older people. They found that people value regular contact with familiar faces who are on time and respectful of their individual needs. The report also highlights the important work of home care in preventing illness, increasing socialisation,  reducing the need for full time care either in hospital of a care home and in maintaining a person’s level of independence.

As our culture changes in the UK so must our attitude towards the most vulnerable people in society who may not always have a voice about their own needs. For everyone to remain a valued member of this society we must make sure that their voices are heard and their needs to remain independent as far as possible addressed.

  1. #1 by Julian Dodd on October 31, 2012 - 1:03 pm

    If society continues to view nursing home care as inferior then it risks loosing a vital resource which can transform the lives of elderly and other vulnerable people. The government promotes “Care in the community” by which it means leaving people to struggle in their own homes, hoping that informal, untrained and unsupported family members will care for them until they reach breaking point because it believes it is the cheapest option. Recent studies in USA have shown that to achieve the same standards of care in a persons own home as can be achieved in a long term care facility is actually much more expensive. Our vulnerable citizens deserve the best, we must use our nursing homes or loose them. (Sorry for getting political on you non political blog, J)

  2. #2 by politicalnurse on November 11, 2012 - 7:40 am

    I agree Julian but people should always have the choice which is what I suspect does not always happen. Most of the time the decision is based upon cost and this should not be the priority but very often it is.

  1. Home really is where the heart is « The Not So Big Society

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