Failing standards belong to failing organisations not their staff

The recent CQC report  on the Quality of Care in Nursing homes is one that has been repeated time and again by nursing and other health and social care professions.  So why isn’t anyone listening? Most responders want to blame the individual members of staff for  poor quality care but they must be being allowed to get away with it in the first place? In other areas of society we know that catching people taking drugs for example is no good if we do not also catch the dealer who gave them the drugs in the first place. In order to improve care we need to round up the care ‘dealers’ the ones who tell or allow their staff to work in a particularly harmful way  or turn a blind eye to poor practice in their homes. Until the people responsible are held to account  I fear this poor quality will continue with individual members of staff being scape-goated or becoming ill from the stress  of having no power to change things.

In the above report the following quote states that

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said: “While there is much to praise about the NHS and social care today we still need to do much more to raise standards of care across the board.

“I’ve made it absolutely clear that quality of care needs to be valued as highly as the quality of treatment. And that there can be no hiding place for those providing poor care or sub-standard practice.”

Good idea but maybe we first need to know where to start looking? Next time you see a stressed member of staff, offer them your support not criticism, recognise them as a human being with needs too and help them to report practice that should never be ignored.

  1. #1 by Eva on November 27, 2012 - 10:41 pm

    Having worked alongside social workers, I must say some of them do not have common sense so I would say their bad decisions/results re down to them rather than to the organisation they work for.

    As demonstrated by this video:

    some practice is extremely poor!

    – I really recommend to watch this documentary about Slovak children being taken away and the absurdity of the whole process.

    Although there are many misinterpretations, stereotypes and even lies portrayed, the video generally shows how some social workers fail.
    (the first few minutes are not very good but the rest is definitely worth watching! It also shows what reputation the British social workers have abroad 😉

  2. #2 by politicalnurse on November 28, 2012 - 8:57 am

    Thanks Eva I am having some trouble loading the video due to my poor internet service but I agree that there is poor practice out there. However someone or some organisation must be allowing it to happen by not keeping a check on it?

  1. Failing standards belong to failing organisations not their staff « The Not So Big Society

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