Is unconditional care possible?

The news is full (again) of benefit cuts and fiscal skulduggery which could be seen as a bit of a smokescreen for the real issues . The main concern of course should be about whether our health service  in the UK can still deliver care which is free from the cradle to the grave.  We all pay our taxes in the hope that should we need it it will be there for us but can we really rely on our politicians to make this happen? Recent concerns around Elder Care suggests charging a set limit, which will take us away from the ‘free’ idea straight away. Others suggest removing benefits from those who do not need them. I find it strange that we are now in the position that a lot of people get something for nothing who do not need it or want it but cannot give it back? At the same time we have waiting lists and poverty rates that are an embarrassment to a so called wealthy country.  The World Health Organisation (WHO) is a useful place to visit for facts and figures on the health of different countries. Unconditional care is important so that we do not judge people on their own health risking behaviours but it is also important in making sure fairness ensues. People who need care should be able to access it when then need it and people who do not should be able to give it back in the hope that it will be there when they do. I sincerely hope we do not return to the days of the poor laws where people had to beg for alms for once we start to justify a conditional care system there will always be people who do not fit the criteria.

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